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Some Must Have Kitchen Tools That You Should Have

Kitchen Tools

When we talk about cooking, then what on our mind should be the tools and ingredient? You probably able to find your ingredient easily around of your places, but what about your kitchen tools, do you any important one for cooking? Sadly, not all of people seems really care about it. Some of them must be having a knife, bowls, but anything such as smoker or even utensils are rarely to find. In order to make our cooking process lot easier and enjoyable, you need to make sure everything is there and come handy when you need it. It also making your preparation is being reduced and improves the quality of food. Do not talk about the price, since the most quality one would having such a great quality. Stainless steel is probably the best material that you could afford since it is able to last longer than what you think. I am going to show you some list of kitchen tools that you should have at your home. I am not going to cover all of it, but almost everything on the list would be important for you.


Not just a typical knife or even a single one. You already know that there are so many types of knives, so keeping some of them would be pretty handy to you. There are many types of them, but luckily you only need around 3 of them on your counter. The first one should 9 or even 10 inches knife, the second one should be a serrated knife and the last one should be some basics knives. I do not have any recommendation for model for prize here, you just have to hold the knife for a moment I am pretty sure that you will know if it’s good or not just by holding it. It must be looks natural on your hands and have a good quality that will last for many years.

Cutting Boards

You are not going to cut any vegetables or ingredients on the table or plate right? Yeah, that is why you will really need this one. For me a pair of them would be enough for almost occasional situations. A small one should be good on preparing the ingredient and the big one should be good on handling meat, fish or some raw materials. Buying two of them also giving less chance for your food to be contaminated to each other because it is bad for the taste, the material that should be good here should made from polyethylene plastic which is totally safe for any kind of foods and it does not cost too much for your pocket.


Never let your meat cook without having this kind of tool at your hand. The good taste should come from right and constant temperature. How do you know the temperature if you do not have this one, the tool is pretty cheap and handy. Some of stores on your local store should have this one at their stall, so do not worry of making your effort on finding it.


Any kind of smoker would be good for this case no matter it would be gas, charcoal, or even electrical smoke. This is must buy on your list if you are doing a BBQ party at your yard. You could find some smoker review on the internet. The companies such as Masterbuilt or Landmann should be good recommendation if you do know where to go, just making sure to buy this one for making BBQ.

Pressure Cooker

An easy and fast solution than using an oven, many people started to leave oven because it is not efficient anymore. I do not say oven it is bad and i still use it periodically. But, if you are someone who not really into with this thing, then pressure cooker should be better than oven. It is using less energy, so do not worry to pay any big bill on your electricity. One thing that you should note here is not all of food will be suitable, so be aware.


If you are running out of idea for some dishes to make then finding a good source for it should be less convenient. Browsing it to the internet is a good way, but it takes more time and you have looked it closely since there are too many choices there. So, keeping 3 or 4 cookbooks is such a nice idea since the ingredient and everything that you need already there. You even are able to do some experiments and doing a new thing with the recipe. We do no really know that maybe it will be turned really good with the look and taste. Just do not afraid of making experiment.

Char Broil Vertical Gas Smoker Performance Tips

Enjoying smoked foods are the most valuable activity to be done in a special dinner party. Have you ever imagine if you can enjoy that kind of food in your daily dinner? Everything is possible when you have the utilities. In this case, you can consider some type of smoker that is available in the market. There are some version such as powered by electric, gas and even propane. This time, gas based smoker will be the main topic. You can start to choose sort of product made by Char Broil. There are some new utility that created and belong to Char Broil vertical gas smoker.

Char Broil vertical gas smoker

How to Boost the Performance of Char Broil Vertical Gas Smoker
Accepting the manufacturer setting of smoker is allowed. This is the safest settings that are ever made. However, some people want more performance from their gas smoker. How can it be done? Sure, there will be some additional step you need to achieve in raising the performance of the smoker. You can now thinking about maximizing the performance without needing to add the new utility or accessories. The first aspect you can do is by turning down the heat of the smoker. For information, a smoker is usually has very high limit of heat.

To be wise, do not use all the heat limit of Char Broil vertical gas smoker. The usage of the smoker into the limit will bring the utility to shorter durability. It is good to use average heat although it will takes up more time. You can do these efforts by adjusting the temperature. Leave the smoker door slightly will also helpful to reduce the overall heat of the smoker. Next, you can start to give better water supply. Mostly, the smoker only has small support of water. Putting larger pan as the water space would be a wise option. Install the water pipe to the pan to give unstoppable water supply.

Another way of checking the Char Broil vertical gas smoker performance is also needed. You can start it by installing the real thermometer around. Although the smoker is commonly equipped with thermometer, it can be miss reading. To ensure about the heat and temperature, you can pick the additional thermometer as the way out. Adding better utility for the smoker is also recommended, such as putting smoker cover and also adding the rib racks for better function. Ensure that all the efforts do not damage the whole element of the smoker.

High Performance of Vertical Gas Smoker

Lineup of the smoker made by Char Broil are full of good stuff. This manufacturer never put a doubt as the basic of making the new products. All of them are made with great preparation and plan. Char Broil CB600X would be one of the choices for you. It is the smoker which is still belongs to be one of the vertical smokers. From the outside, it appears pretty tough and durable. How about the inside features?

As you wish, this Char Broil vertical gas smoker under 400 offers the top line quality of steel based construction. It ensures the durability of the smoker for long term usage. The special features which you will get are the presence of three adjustable oven style parts. Luckily all the elements are made of chrome plated grates. Each of the stainless steel or chrome will ensures the age of the grates. The presence of the firebox is also made to be stable. It can reduce the heat loss, so the power of the smoker will run more effectively as well as the time you spend.

Char Broil vertical gas smoker

Having a wide choice of product is one of the ways to get high quality machine. In this time, you should know about the presence of the newest gas smoker from Char Broil. This gas smoker has a very affordable price, it only launched to the market under 200. Most of people predict that this is one of the small sized smokers. Actually they are wrong as this smoker is still capable to be used for medium use. Even with its affordable price, the features are capable to beat the other products which are released in the same year.

The dimension of this Char Broil vertical gas smoker models is capable to give the user 595 square inch of smoking place. Inside, you will be served by 3 shelves of chrome plated cooking grates. Each of the grates is capable to deliver smoke properly. So, it does not matter about the place or location you put the food inside this smoker. To complete the function, you are also capable to use the warmer part in the top area of the device. This is good to enjoy smoked foods which already run of heat.

Beside the CB version, Car Broil also introduces some different models. You can even take a look at the 12701705 model as the solution. This is a smoker that has 45 inches of size. Created to be a vertical smoker makes this utility is supported with very strong legs as well as all components inside. The machine is running in high specifications. It can be concluded by the presence of some new features that are never available in the other type of machine. You can start to enjoy the performance by take a look at the presence of its fire access doors. It is the best place to control the smoked foods.

In the other sides, you will see the existence of air dampers which will be used to store flavored wood chips. The rooms are wide and ample because it brings 593 square inches as the main space of the smoker. It can even give you freedom in adjusting all the food inside your smoker. As the place for smoking the food, you will have 3 areas of chrome plated grates. It ensures the durability of Char Broil vertical gas smoker especially for long term usage. Versatility and function owned by this utility give you the power to gain the ultimate function of smoker, both of home use and as business need.