The Powerful Lenovo i7 Cheap PC Gaming 300-20ISH

Today, the development of desktop computer is really fast. Nowadays, desktop computer with common performance will be put aside and neglected. Most people will tend to focus on the high performance computer desktop like Lenovo i7 Desktop. This computer is truly the best in the performance and various things which are installed in the computer. Now, for better understanding, I will show you the superiority of this laptop compared to other design. I believe that you will surely be amazed and want to bring this wonderful laptop home. When you love to play game with maximum performance, this 300 dollar gaming pc is also the best choice.

The Processor of Lenovo i7

As what has been mentioned in the title itself, this desktop computer will be equipped with the Intel core i7-6700. This is the newest innovation in the i7 technology. The performance will run in 3.4 GHz for making a lightning fast processing. The performance of the processor still can be boosted too till the speed of 4.0 GHz. The process will be run in a really quick and effective process as the system which is invented has been regulated well here. The new system provides more efficient work in the task which is run by the processor.

The Powerful Lenovo i7 Cheap PC Gaming 300-20ISH

The excellent speed of processing is also thanks to the quad core system which has been invented in the processor. Quad core system is the system which provides four cores for processing command. Here, with more cores, the process which runs in the computer will not be stacked at one process. It will be distributed to each core for processing the data so that the result of processing will be faster. It is like the methods of multiplying workers for accelerating the process in work. This wonderful feature makes a perfect match with the high amount of processor.

In the process, the processor i7-6700 is also powerful in keeping performance. Here, the processor is designed with really excellent fan for reducing overheating risk. The quad core system also provides high impact which makes the processor get a cooler process. Here, the processor is able to run great games with browser running too and still, it keeps its smooth processing without any lag. The smartcache system enables the processor to find a good way of reducing the burdens which are borne by the processor so that it will not make a decrease of process in the performance.

Graphic Performance of Lenovo i7

When you deal with graphic, here, your main concern should be focused on the graphic processor and the display itself. To start the discussion, here, as the main concern here is the computer processing unit, we will pass the discussion in display. In making the perfect graphic, the processor is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT730 2GB. This graphic processor is recommended for today’s heavy game because it can provide up to 43 fps for today’s heavy game. This processor will also provide you with fast process. For rendering any graphic editing like image or video editing in your computer, this desktop computer will do it fast.

Performance of Memory and Storage from Lenovo i7

Lenovo i7 Cheap PC Gaming 300-20ISH
The next matter which should be concerned when you want to know a great computer is by looking at the memory and storage which are provided. Here, for the first part, the memory which is given is around 12 GB DDR4 RAM. This is a true great size for today’s computer because many games or application will not take more than 40 % of the memory capacity. The RAM will make the computer be able to provide faster multitasking. Here, the field for running application is wider compared to common place.

In the storage for keeping data, you also get many wonderful benefits. In the first place, the storage which is given here is the 1 TB of SATA Hard Drive. You should not be upset as you do not get the SSD Storage. The speed of this HDD storage is also fast with the 7200 RPM for the speed of processing. The wide space for storage will surely make you be able to collect many films at once in the computer. Many other important data which can also be stored. Moreover, you need to store them for a long time in your computer.

Operating System in Lenovo i7

After you see the storage, performance, and the memory, you ought to know what is the operating system which is given in the desktop computer itself. Here, the Window 10 Home is given with full license for sure. The full license will keep you at best usage as there will be no limitation for the usage. Then, for additional bonus, when you get this desktop computer, you will be rewarded with free USB keyboard and mouse for working. This operating system and bonuses are something which will make you satisfy.

Connectivity in the Lenovo i7

For the connectivity in this great desktop computer, you surely get two kinds of connectivity. First is from the entertainment and the second one is for the data travelling. Here, the entertainment is the connectivity for the headphone, speaker, microphone, and display for sure. Many display connectivity are given for providing many media for visualizing the view from the processor. The sound which is produced is also clear and pleasing too so that you will not feel annoyed when you release the sound in loud speaker.

For the data traveler, you will also get many features from this computer. Here, in the first place. The data traveler for the USB is prepared in six USB. The USB is divided into 2 3.0 USB and the second one is 4 USB 2.0. The 3.0 USB is many times faster than the 2.0 USB so you better prioritize big data travelling with the 3.0 USB. For the other process of transfer, you get the Bluetooth 4.0, media chard reader, wireless-AC WLAN for the wireless connection. VGA, HDMI is also prepared. For the data in CD or DVD, DVD-RW is given whether you want to read or write data.

Those are the features and the advantages which you will have from the Lenovo i7 Desktop. The processor has been designed with various features. Some features are meant for acquiring performance which is fast and durable. The other features are made for making excellent display. Then, for the next feature, connectivity and the sounds are also maximized for getting best usage. Now, it is time for you to get the great computer so that you will have comfortable work or $600 gaming pc with your computer. This is the best choice from Lenovo and among today’s computer.

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