How to Run Photo Viewer Again in Windows 10

How to Run Photo Viewer Again in Windows 10
Among the apps offered in Windows 10 to open images, there is one called Photo Viewer. However, people seem to have problem of it being error. Even though you try to direct “Open with” to PhotoViewer.dll in its folder located in Program Files, you might still get a “This app cannot run on your PC” error. Sure, you can always open the images through other similar apps. However, people who are fond of Photo Viewer would want to fix this problem.
The Procedure You Can Try

You see, such problem might happen because you try to run PhotoViewer.dll directly. The .dll is still pointed by the entry “Windows Photo Viewer” instead of the rundll32 after all. Of course, there are many ways suggested by various people to solve it. However, the one I am going to tell you here seem to be successful for several people who really try it. You can try the following procedure to solve your problem then.

  • First, put the following registry code in a .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



  • Second, run it to make all JPEG files to be viewable in Photo Viewer
  • Third, replace “jpegfile” in the code with “pngfile”, “giffile”, or “Paint.Picture” to make other types of image to be viewable as well
  • Fourth, try to right-click on a picture and choose Open With
  • Last, find Windows Photo Viewer and select as default program

Well, you see, the most suggested procedures to follow are basically adding certain registry code for Windows Photo Viewer and photoviewer.dll. Not all registry recommended by people are the same though. If the registry above does not work to solve your problem, you need to search for other registries that can help you with your error Windows Photo Viewer.

I can’t guarantee that it can work for you since one computer condition is not always the same as the others. However, if it does, it can help you a lot to open not only JPEG files, but also other image files through Windows Photo Viewer. Don’t you think that it is worth to try? Who knows that is the solution you need for your problem? It won’t hurt to try and see what is happening after it.

Sometimes, Windows Photo Viewer can go wrong in Windows 10. In order to fix this problem, you will need to add certain registry code in registry file to make the images viewable again.

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