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Screen Mirroring App To TV For Android

Have you ever thought that your smartphone screen is too small to watch any movie? I thought the same thing for many times since I cannot really enjoy watching movie in small screen. I could go buying a new tablet, but I pretty much need to spend much money on it and I don’t want it to happen because there are lots of things that I need to consider in my life. I guess you also have many other things to consider rather than buying a new gadget. I feel lot saver when I heard there is an app which is able to stream everything that I do to my TV. It’s pretty much a live safer since I don’t have to buy a new device. The name of app itself is Screen Stream Mirroring. The app is free to download and you can download it on Play Store. I am sorry that I don’t have any recommendation for IOS because I could not afford the device, so I cannot tell you. The function of the app is pretty much simple since you are able to stream anything including movies, your apps and even your games.

I am stick with free version on this review and there is paid version for more features and support, but for me the free version is much capable on streaming anything. I tested the app on Android version 5.0 and it’s working very well. You only need to do some setup which is easy to do and you are ready to play anything. There is two ways on connecting of your device to TV. The first one is by using the Chromecast if you have it or WIFI is also available if you don’t have that thing. I would give 4 starts for this app because of the capability is so much here and there is no limitation that you are going to face. They also make a really good tutorial and easier to follow even though if people are not too familiar with the tech. The only thing that keeps annoying me is the ads pop up. There are too many apps that showed up and sometimes breaking my mood. You also need to do some special start up if you are using Android 5.0 because for some reasons application is not working pretty well if you just launch the app. But for me it’s pretty more than enough to enjoy my weekend while watching movie.