How To Track Lost Device

You probably know how it feels when you are losing of your device. Its pretty because we have so many important stuff there. The device itself is not too important because we could get it back if we talk to our service, but how about our important data? I guess everything would be lost and there is huge chance that we are not going able to find it.  Now everything is much different because of the huge development of software and hardware. Now we could track our device anywhere we want even if it’s stolen as long as it’s connected to the internet. I have some good apps recommendation that you can try now.

Family Locator

The app itself is pretty interesting because we are not only able to track of your device, but also your friends and even your family. First, you have to input their device and then it should be ready to be tracked.  The app it’s free to download, but it lacks the feature for erasing the data if the phone is stolen.

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is provided by Google to track our lost phone as long as you already connect it with your Google account. You need to activate it on the setting and then the tracking is working and it’s pretty accurate, thanks to their Gmaps. One thing that I love here, we could see our phone on any browser so you don’t need to download their app. Go to their website and enter your account. You would see some simple bars that will let you doing anything including tracking, erase data, and give the message.


Cerberus has been popular for this case, but the app is not totally free because you are going to pay some extra bucks in order to fully activate the service. Its tough, but it’s a really great app and worth for the money. Locking the phone, resetting it, making alarm are only some of its great features that you want to see on your smartphone. They keep updating their app, it means the feature and security might be improved as well.

Every app has their own plus and minus. Some of them are free and many of them need money to get some extra features. It does not mean bad because you are pay for its greatness. There is nothing to lose, but it backs to your choice on deciding.


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